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Gregor Sep 21, 2007

Okay, we've made some decisions about what we would like to happen when we get back East. Our intention is to go camping in Vermont where we last camped with him for the nights of the 5th and 6th of October (Friday and Saturday night). While there we will do a sweatlodge and ceremony. The space we will be going to is within the Green Mountain National Forest so the camping will be primitive. There is enough space for any number of people as the stretch of forest road has sites to either side going along a river for quite a bit. Access is on a dirt road, but certainly not one that requires 4 wheel drive. I'll give exact details below.

After the 2 nights in Vermont we would like to have a gathering somewhere in Massachusetts on the afternoon of Sunday the 7th. At this point that is about as far as we've gotten. Partly this is due to not really having a good idea how many people to expect and from that coming up with an appropriately sized venue. Dave Often has volunteered to get a rough head count. So if people could let him know if they plan to attend in Massachusetts and with how many. His email is The camping space in Vermont could accomodate 2 to 200, so that is less of a concern with that part. Once I speak with Dave again next week then we'll have a better idea and will come up with an exact time and location for Sunday, October 7th.

The camping location is Somerset VT though the nearest civilization is Searsburg, VT. It is located off Vermont Route 9 onto Somerset Road going North, left at the fork where the signage is for the Somerset Reservoir (which is to the right) and along Forest Service Road 71 for just under a mile and then just 50 yards up the first left off that. I have the exact Forest Service Road number for it, but not with me at this moment. It's on the other side of LA.

Anyway, here is the map from google maps with the location marked:


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