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Massachusetts: Latest Update

Gregor Sep 29, 2007

Things have been back and forth and I changed times to accomodate a reception venue that now doesn't seem like a particularly good choice. So, we are going back to the original time 3pm on Sunday the 7th of October with a reception to follow. The reception will be held at our old house (upstairs) at 67 Spring Park Ave, Jamaica Plain 02130.

Okay, I know people are wondering what is going on in Mass. and where. After some prodding from my bro last night, we've settled on a location: Arnold Arboretum on the Arborway in Jamaica Plain at 3pm Sunday the 7th of October. We have a fairly good idea of where in the Arboretum we would like to have people convene. The one issue is parking, as there is limited parking at each entrance. The entrances on South St and Walter St would be the best ones to aim for as far as the shortest walk. There is more parking along the Arborway than anywhere else, but the walk would be longer. 

Here is a link to a map of the Arboretum with the meeting place marked.

Here is a link to a map where the reception will be. 

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