Birth and a bit beyond

Nicole Sep 23, 2007

Braedwyn's supposed due date was May 22. 

I got up Friday morning- June 4 and still no sign of Braedwyn's deciding to break out.  I was on maternity leave, but I had arranged for my students to complete assignments and submit them to me via email during my absence.  Since I had nothing to do, I thought I'd pay my students a visit. 

I had gotten in  the habit of taking a taxi up to work.  The moto taxis had decided they didn't want to take a pregnant western lady up the road.  Which was too bad, I could ride side saddle and get to work for 20 cents.  Taxis cost me a buck.

But this morning I decided to walk.  It was really hot (go figure) and I thought walking in the heat would help get labor started, or so it was written it could.  I got up to work sweating, but I felt quite energentic.

After talking to my students and other teachers, I decided to walk back home.  After I got back Gregor and I went out to get some food.  We went to "Tamarind", a vegetarian restaurant around the corner from us.  I had bow tie pasta dish which was so-so. After eating we went back home.  I was feeling like something was a bit different in myself, something was really swirling.

I got into bed at around 11PM and about an hour later, I started to feel contractions.  They would come and go.  I manged to relax/doze off as they were quite a bit apart.  I was also really excited and euphoric.

By the morning, the contractions seemed 5 minutes apart.  We packed up for the hospital. 

You know the taxi story from Gregor and more or less the rest.  I'm not going to talk about the labor.  It wasn't fun, but we got the best damn prize. 

Right after Braedwyn came along, the three of us hung out together for a while. Then, Gregor went to make phone calls and get me a mocha milkshake.  My first "meal" as a mom.  Braedwyn and I laid in the bed together.  He would feed, then cuddle, then doze off.  I remember looking at him and saying, "So here you are.  I've only known you for a while, but I love you."  (The love grew everyday by the way.  Everyday brought new realms of love for Braedwyn.  The days still bring love and my love for Braedwyn goes on to places I can't see.)

I remember sort of being in shock a bit that first day.  I kept saying to myself, "You're a mother now."  And to Gregor, "We're parents now!"

I recovered quite quickly from the birth.  We all hung out together at home.  Our friends and students came by to see us on an almost daily basis.  We would find gifts for Braedwyn hanging on our front door knob.  There would be no "from" card.  People just loved to come by and shower him with gifts.

I would take him with me to get my "post-natal" massages.  For $5.00, I figure I needed quite a few of them.  I would get foot massages.  Braedwyn would lay in my lap.  If he woke, I would just give him the boob, and he was fine. 

It was easy to take him around.  He was in a sling or carried.  Forget strollers in Bangkok.  You'd need a Hummer pram to deal with all the crack, ditches- not to mention the several sidewalk cafes and business set up.

I guess I've moved a bit beyond the birth. 

The bottom line is he is the best thing I've ever done.  And I got to have child with the best man possible.  Our love for each other made Braedwyn a true love child.  It is very hard to realize that he will not be a part of the rest of my life.  I know he can be there in spirit, but I miss the genuine article.

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