Braedwyn's Garden

Marion De Sisto Sep 24, 2007

Papa Joe and I have been creating a special corner of our backyard in memory of Braedwyn, the avid gardener. There's a purple clematis vine, a pot with a red rose and some pansies, a pot with a miniature cherry tree, a small pot of bluebell bulbs and small crystals – clear quartz, rose quartz, blue lace agate, banded agate and amethyst – also a boxwood bush. We've been working on it this week and have completed everything today. It has occurred to me that its completion coincides with the Fall Equinox, which is today {9/23}, so that feels very appropriate.

At this time of year plants and trees are getting ready for their winter nap so Braedwyn's garden is not showing its full color and potential, as you can see from the photograph. However, come spring I'll take another shot when everything is dressing up for the growing season.

This house and its yards are 113 years old and before that this particular area of Kent was a very large wood that surrounded an abbey. The bluebells appear in both our front and back yards every spring and must be the descendants of those that grew in the abbey's woodlands hundreds of years ago. During the eight years we've lived here, I've become aware of nature sprites in our backyard {our dog, Princess Jade of Brogar, frequently watches them}; and I’ve felt sure they aid the growth of the many plants that are established here. They all grow like weeds! So I'm sure the nature sprites will tend Braedwyn's garden when he's away on other adventures. We also have urban foxes that visit our yards. Knowing that Braedwyn loved animals makes me believe he'll be chatting to them and telling them stories.

Keep on shining! Granny Goth. ^j^

Marion De Sisto  2008-07-09 01:12:47
On Braedwyn's 4th birthday Papa Joe and I spread some of his ashes in his garden. Of course, we both cried profusely while doing it, but it felt right. We were acknowledging how deeply entwined in our hearts he will always be.

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