All Tomorrow's Parties

Gregor Jun 7, 2008

Braedwyn's fourth Birthday has come and gone. Yesterday, June 6th, Nicole and I had a remembrance cake, made wishes and blew out some candles. We really couldn't bring ourselves to be celebrating the day, but maybe some time in the future when this day rolls around, we shall be able to truly celebrate our little man.

We both had to work for the earlier part of the day and the latter part was spent in tears, photos and tunes: the three interwoven in a melancholy tapestry. A large part of my music collection now is inextricably tied in my heart and mind to Bee. All the songs that he liked and would request on a regular basis; memories of him dancing like a maniac to various songs; songs he had begun to learn and sing; the CD we bought on our final journey across the US which is full of tunes that all seem to mean a hell of a lot more now than they did then; and, finally, other songs that were just songs I've heard a thousand times before, but that since that fateful day I've noticed somehow seem relevant to my life without Braedwyn, or, seem to be about him.

The photos are from his birthdays in chronological order. 

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