Gregor's Tattoo

Gregor Dec 6, 2007

Nicole and I had talked about getting memorial tattoos shortly after Braedwyn had died. After arriving in Bangkok, we met with an old friend, Gar, who is heavily tattoed and asked her advice on who we should see to get them done. She suggested Neng, and over the next couple of nights he put together the design of my tattoo based on what I had scribbled on a napkin at the bar.

I had been reading The Book of the Hopi over the previous week or so and had decided that I wanted something that looked like the Hopi petroglyphs found all over the Southwest (and beyond) that marked important moments in the life of a clan. The main elements of the tattoo are all taken from the general design of these petroglyphs and certain elements are used that have specific meanings within these petroglyphs.

I will leave it as an exercise to our readers to determine the symbolism of the tattoo, which is pictured on the right. The second picture is Neng, which I took about half an hour after he had finished making the tattoo as we watched the Thai traditional longboats (3rd picture) that were making a rare apperance on the Chao Praya river that day.

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