A Poem by Chris

Gregor Dec 6, 2007

Nicole and I met Chris, a 20 year old from Australia travelling in Thailand, a week ago at a little bar down the street from where Paradee works. We ended up hanging out for many hours and eventually the conversation turned to Braedwyn. He told us when we met up again a few days later that, after we left, he felt Braedwyn's presence and was inspired to write the following poem:

Caught between heaven and earth
A kiss of life, a promised birth.
A thousand years not enough if any
A single lifetime proved one too many.

Diluted ink spreads far and wide
On this earth many colored minds.
An exploding sun spreads not as far
As this blinding, adored, most painful star.

This burning star proves searing light
Makes revealing hope of endless night.
Of scents and sights once painful late
Braedwyn makes angelic bait.

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