The Quest


Gregor Nov 16, 2007

We arrived in London on the 16th of October. Spent a couple days there and then headed down to Hastings for a service on the following Saturday. Friday night consisted of much imbibing of a variety of alcohols.

Saturday afternoon we all headed down (well up and over, always going uphill in Hastings) to the beach we often took Braedwyn when we lived there and everyone collected rocks for a cairn we would build later behind Simon and Suzanne's (our next door neighbors) house up on the hill beneath the castle.

Once we we all sufficiently weighted down with beach rocks we returned to the house and did a Talking Circle, wrote messages on birch bark, burned the messages, and mixed them with the ashes that we would be putting beneath the cairn. After we said some Oms and broke the circle, we began piling the rocks on his cairn which was set beneath a bush on the hillside.

Later I started carving his name into the sandstone cliff face behind the house and Sam finished and improved upon it. Being as there are carvings about left by Romans, perhaps his will be visible for hundreds of years to come...

Later I worked on a map to check out where the Ley Line that supposedly runs from Hastings Castle to Glastonbury Tor went. You can see the results here. If you zoom in on the Hastings (east) side of the Blue Line on the map you'll see it runs right over the position where we placed his ashes. This confluence led us later off to the West Country to scatter his ashes at the other end of the Ley on Glastonbury Tor.

Finally am able to upload pictures to accompany this article. The first picture is people gathering stones on the beach for the cairn. The next is Sam carving his name into the rock on the hillside, followed by the finished version on the inscription. The fourth picture is the cairn.

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